Bronco Payroll HR at your fingertips

Why Choose Bronco Payroll


  • Maintain present and past staff
  • Maintain all staff records, leave records, warning letters etc.
  • Generate PSSSF/ NSSF/ P9/ P10/ SDL monthly forms in a click
  • Get a glance at all taxes to pay for the month
  • Payslips printing
  • User intuitive design printing
  • Add Overtime calculations, Advance and Loan Management
  • Calculate overtime or deduct absenteeism automatically
  • Upload PAYE/ SDL Payment slips straight to our secure servers
  • Maintain both PSSSF and NSSF for companies with dual memberships
  • Add multiple users to access your payroll
  • Make it truly yours - Choose a theme that suites you best
  • Affordable pricing for everyone and payment online (Mobile payments)
  • Customisability

Upcoming Features

  • Pay NSSF/PSSSF/WCF/PAYE or other taxes through our system

Getting Started

  • Up and Payroll-ing in 4 Steps

  • Sign-up

  • Choose a package

  • Add your staff

  • Make your life a little less complicated

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Bronco Payroll Pricing

Staffs Pricing
10 Tshs 10,000
20 Tshs 20,000
30 Tshs 30,000
40 Tshs 40,000
50 Tshs 50,000
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